The Magic is in the Image

There is a degree of magic in all the visual arts, evident in both abstract and figurative art.

The magic is the capacity of the image to engender any number of varying emotions. It is at this point where the viewing process begins.

My works remain untitled as part of this magic. A title has the ability to interfere with the process, inasmuch that it cannot fail to influence the viewer. A title tells them what to see as the participant in the process of looking and seeing, thereby sensing and feeling.

The Paintings

Each untitled image has the ability to convey a variety of emotions for the individual viewer, a variety of emotions that are untainted and beyond influence.

Exhibition History

  • AUSTRALIA 1980 - 1993
  • Katoomba & Leura
  • ENGLAND 1995 - present
  • Andras Kaldor Gallery, Dartmouth
  • The Turner Gallery, Exeter
  • Cafe Forge, Holne
  • Green Ginger Cafe, Ashburton
  • Artspaces, Totnes
  • Artspace@57, Ashburton
  • FRANCE 2006 - 2010
  • Salon des Arts, La Chartre sur le Loir
  • Cafe Fer a Cheval, St Pierre du Lorouer
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